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Diner Help

A one-pager for merchants to give to diners if they have questions about Liven, especially those who are using it for the first time.

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Diner Help

What is the difference between Liven Rewards and Brandollars?

Liven Rewards are what you earn as you visit and dine at any venue listed on the app. You can redeem rewards (pay with Liven Rewards) at any restaurant on the Liven platform.

Brandollars is purchasing a restaurant’s currency. You love the brand and would happily buy credits ahead of time. When you buy Brandollars you will get a percent (%) match in return from that restaurant.

How do I use the app/pay with Liven?

The best way to pay with Liven is to go directly to the till. After requesting to pay with Liven on your phone, this will reflect on the merchant’s end to process your bill immediately.

Can I buy multiple sets of Brandollars from the same venue?

You can now purchase multiple Foodollar packs for the same merchant and select which one you'd like to use for a transaction. However, users are limited to using one Brandollar at a time at any venue. They cannot be merged or combined to use in a single transaction.

By default, if not manually chosen upon payment, the first bundle or voucher that you purchased will be deducted from your transaction.

Once you've used up your current Brandollars however, it's so easy to grab another!

Do Brandollars expire?

Brandollars do not expire. This is part of our Liven Guarantee where we make sure your credits are protected no matter the circumstance. Your Brandollar credits are safe in your Liven wallet.

Can I use my Brandollars on public holidays?

As there are no limitations on Brandollars, users can dine and enjoy their meal with this at any time.

However, during public holidays, we reserve it to our merchants' discretion if they would accept payment via Liven or otherwise as it is part of Liven's Standard Conditions. Venues have the discretion to refuse Liven on Public Holidays as they may have specials or deals offered on those days.

It is best that you call the desired restaurant to confirm before heading out. 😊

I purchased a chain’s Brandollars, can I use it at all of their locations?

A brand’s Brandollars can only be used on locations listed on our app. You can check the participating locations under each merchant profile in the app.

Can I pay with Liven through Table Ordering?

As we work towards more integrations, this feature is not yet fully available. To use Liven, it’s best to order and pay through the staff/till.

How can I use my accumulated Liven Rewards to fund my meal?

Upon payment, click the toggle “Liven Balance” to use your rewards. As it’s necessary to always have a fallback method selected, you won’t be double charged as long as your rewards suffice.

I got charged the wrong amount, what should I do?

Reach out to our User Support team at to get this sorted out immediately.

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