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Using Liven to Discover & Pay at Venues and Earn Liven Rewards
Using Liven to Discover & Pay at Venues and Earn Liven Rewards

Use Liven to discover venues, pay bills and earn Liven Rewards!

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Liven is designed to meaningfully reward you for getting out there and discovering the unique dining experiences your city has to offer. It does this by rewarding you with the Liven Rewards every time you transact. You have full control over your Liven rewards, whether you want to save them to send to friends or use on your future purchases.

Liven Rewards is a Digital Currency and valid payment method used anywhere throughout the Liven Network of Merchants.
​Use the Liven app to:

  1. Discover restaurants and other lifestyle venues through intuitive search and map

  2. Pay your bill & Earn Liven Rewards instantly!

  3. Use Liven Rewards to spend or gift

  4. Access the Liven Wallet to manage your Liven Rewards and other payment methods

Discovering venues on Liven

On Liven, you will find a range of restaurants, bars, cafes, and other lifestyle businesses. If you want to shortlist your favourite venues or places you want to go, add them to your Favourites!

To discover venues on Liven:

  • Use the home page to see what is nearby and sift through our editorial lists

  • Use the search bar to search names, venues, and cuisine types

  • Use the map button to see Liven venues and their locations

Save your favourites

To have a venue or merchant stand out on the map and show in your favourites list, add it to your Favourites! Do this by tapping the heart on the venue's page or card.

How can you tell if a venue accepts Liven?

The easiest way to check is to open Liven and search for it. Alternatively, you can ask the staff!

Paying with Liven & Earning Liven Rewards

Now that you've found a Liven venue and set up your account, paying with Liven and Earning Liven Rewards is easy! Just make sure your preferred payment method is selected.

Once you are at the merchant and ready to pay:

  1. Open the merchant's page on Liven and tap Pay Now β€” let them know you're paying with Liven

  2. That's it! The merchant will complete the transaction and you will Earn Liven Rewards.

Using LivenPay QR Stickers

You may notice LivenPay QR Code Stickers at Liven Merchants. You can scan this QR code to automatically open the merchant page to get you ready to pay.

Changing your preferred payment method

You can pay with Liven using your Liven Rewards or any Debit/Credit Visa/Mastercard/Amex.

To use Liven Rewards instead of your car, toggle the Rewards Balance button ON. Please note that any bill amount above your Liven Rewards balance will be debited to your card.

Using a promo code?

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a promo code, please check the terms of that promo code to make sure it can be used at the venue. Any amount exceeding the value of the promo code will use your preferred payment method be it Liven Rewards or your card.

Can I earn Liven Rewards, spend them, and earn them again?

Yes. You earn Liven Rewards even when spending Liven Rewards. It's really Babushka dolls all the way down.

Send & Gift Liven Rewards

The Liven Wallet is where your unused Liven Rewards are stored indefinitely.

From the Liven Wallet you can:

  1. View your Rewards Balance

  2. Send Liven Rewards to others using their Liven @username handle

  3. Manage your payment methods

  4. View your transaction history

  5. Input a promo code

Using Liven Rewards as a Payment Method

Liven Rewards can be used as a valid payment method at any merchant or venue in the Liven network. This means if you're having a rough week, or want to treat yourself to something extra, you can use Liven Rewards to pay, instead of your card.

To use Liven Rewards to pay:

  1. Open the merchant's venue page on Liven

  2. Toggle your Rewards Balance ON

  3. Tap Pay Now when you are ready to pay

If Liven Rewards are toggled on, this means your Liven rewards balance will be debited before your cards are charged.

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