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What is Liven?

Liven is the world's most rewarding payment method for dining and lifestyle venues!

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Liven Pty Ltd is an Australian-based startup that started in 2014. Liven has built a network of Merchants and Charities, a Mobile Application and Wallet, and a Digital Currency called Liven Rewards, which is paid to users as a reward every time they make a transaction through the app at one of our partner merchants.


Liven is designed to meaningfully reward you for getting out there and discovering the unique experiences venues have to offer. It does this by rewarding you with the Liven Digital Currency every time you transact. You have full control over your Liven Rewards, whether you want to save it to send to friends or for your next purchase.

The Liven Network

The Liven Network consists of everyday people who use the Liven App & Wallet to discover and spend at Liven's network of Merchant & Venue Partners.

The Liven Mobile App & Wallet

Liven rewards you for doing the things you love. The Liven Mobile App & Wallet is free to download and use here!

With Liven, you can:

  1. Discover restaurants and other lifestyle venues

  2. Pay your bill

  3. Earn Liven Rewards

  4. Use Liven Rewards like cash to spend or gift

  5. Access the Liven Wallet

The LivenPay Payment Infrastructure

LivenPay is the Payment Infrastructure & Network in which the Liven Application & Network operates. It allows those in the Liven network to use or receive regular fiat currency ($AUD) and Liven Rewards however it makes sense to them.

LivenPay enables:

  1. Users to pay bills with their preferred payment method be it Liven Rewards or credit/debit card

  2. Merchants to receive revenue from Liven transactions as either Liven rewards or regular fiat currency ($AUD)

The Liven Digital Currency

Liven Rewards is Liven's Digital Currency or network currency.

Liven Rewards are used to reward users for experiencing Liven Merchant / Partner Venues and are a valid payment method and donation instrument within the Liven Network to be used just like regular money.

For broader Project Updates on the Liven Digital Currency and Liven Ecosystem, tune into the LivenPay Blog.

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