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Paying with Brandollars
Updated over a week ago

Paying with your Brandollars is very similar to the way you've always used Liven. Once you've purchased your Brandollars, simply visit the restaurant (if they are open for takeaway or dine-in) and ask to pay the bill with Liven.

Your meal will be deducted from your Brandollar credit balance, with any residual amount remaining available to spend on your next visit.

To start using your Brandollars at the restaurant(s) you purchased them for, tap on the arrow on the right to ensure you are toggled to your Brandollars. Note that your fallback payment method (credit card) must be verified.

The next screen is to ensure that the card set as a fallback method is the one verified. If not, select it otherwise, your Brandollar button will not be enabled.

After switching, you should see the screen where the option to pay using your Brandollar credit is available as below.

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