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What should I do if I charged the customer the wrong amount?
What should I do if I charged the customer the wrong amount?

Oops! It happens. Let us help you out.

Updated over a week ago

If a customer has been charged an incorrect amount, swift action is crucial. Here is a guide on what to do.

Contact Support Immediately

If you discover an incorrect charge, reach out to our support team right away. Timely communication is essential in resolving the issue promptly.

In Case You Cannot Reach Support Immediately

If immediate contact with support isn't possible, it's essential to gather relevant information for a smoother resolution process:

  • Transaction Timestamp - Note the timestamp of the transaction during which the incorrect amount was charged. This helps in pinpointing the exact transaction.

  • Customer Information (If Agreed Upon) - If the customer agrees, try to collect any of the following details associated with their Liven account:

    • Mobile Number

    • Email Address

    • Liven Handle or Username

Once you have this information, proceed to contact support through the various communication channels available tailored to your needs.

Provide the Details

As soon as you have the required information, provide it to our support team, along with the correct and accurate bill amount that should have been charged to the customer. Be as precise as possible to expedite the resolution process.

Leave the Rest to Us

Our dedicated support teams are equipped to handle payment discrepancies and will take it from there. They will work diligently to rectify the situation and ensure that the customer is billed correctly.

Please note that for requests of this nature and similar cases, adjustments to your statements will be made accordingly.

Additional Payment Issues

You can use the same process outlined above to address other payment-related issues that may arise, such as charging the wrong user for a bill, overcharges, duplicate charges, and more.

Rest assured that our support teams are committed to providing timely and effective solutions for all payment concerns. Your cooperation in gathering and providing accurate information greatly assists in resolving these issues efficiently.

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