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Brandollar Redemptions

Details about the utilization and redemption of your store's Brandollars

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The Brandollar Redemption Details section provides information on the redemption of Brandollars during the statement's period date.

It does not provide details about the purchase of Brandollars during the statement period. Instead, it focuses on how existing Brandollars were used or redeemed during a specific statement period.

Refer to this section to know which Brandollars were redeemed, the total value of these redemptions, and the resulting proceeds from these redemptions.

Brandollar Tiers

The Brandollars listed represent each tier of Brandollars that had a redemption during the statement period. The section lists the tiers that were redeemed during the statement period. It's important to note that it may not include all the Brandollars that were available during that period, only those that were at least partially or fully redeemed.

Redeemed Value

This represents the total value that was redeemed for each specific Brandollar tier during the statement period. It is the sum amount of the Brandollar purchase price paid and bonus value redeemed. Redemptions of the Brandollar value can either be partial or full.

Bonus Value

This is the amount of bonus value consumed upon the redemption of the Brandollar.


This is the amount to be transferred to the store or merchant upon the redemption of the Brandollar. The value is a proportion of the amount paid for the Brandollar less any previously transferred amounts.

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