Before the explanation, here's some relevant information:

  • Liven has been funded by reputable Venture Capilist Firm Mayfair 101 (see Crunchbase for details)
  • Liven's business model is such that value is provided for Liven's merchant partners, Liven users and Liven itself.
  • The LivenCoin (LVN) token system is maintained by the Reward Protocol - see more in the Liven Whitepaper
  • This is also answered in short in "How does Liven Make Money?"
  • All details about Liven's business model and economic model can be found in the Liven Whitepaper

Liven has a few parts to its ecosystem which ultimately revolve around transactions between users and merchants.
For users, Liven is a payment and rewards application used to pay with fiat and/or LVN, and for each transaction, Liven users are rewarded a % of their bill back as LVN. 

For merchants, Liven is a payment & loyalty service with an always-on marketing solution built into it. There are no joining or ongoing fees for Liven merchants and for each transaction, merchants are charged a commission % of the total bill. This commission usually covers the reward rate plus a 5-7% profit margin for Liven which sustains Liven as a business. The specifics of Liven merchant partner contracts come down to what the merchant aims to achieve out of its partnership with Liven, and what is feasibly achievable through a partnership with Liven given both the merchant's position in the Liven network, and the Liven network itself.

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