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Setting up Prep-Times

How to set up prep-times for online ordering.

Updated over a week ago

OU provides the option to set prep times either by category (i.e. Food, Drink) or by method (i.e. Dine-In). This guide will demonstrate how to set prep times per method.

  1. Firstly, open up your OU dashboard and on the left hand column, under location settings choose your method you would like to set prep-times for, whether that is Delivery, Pick-up, Dine-In or Room Service *** this guide applies to the setup of all methods.


2. To set prep-times for any of these methods, firstly ensure the method is active by flicking the (method) Allowed switch to โ€œYes.


3. Once the method is activated, a large list of settings should be available to now adjust, scroll down to the section underneath *method* / Preparation Times. You can now set the amount of time for each day that customers must wait before their food will arrive to them.


4. If you would like, there is also an option to adjust the prep times for the current day by pressing the plus button in the Current Adjustment for __/__/__. Remember to bring this back to zero if you would like your prep times to remain consistent with the way you have set them for each day.


5. If you would like to display the estimated time (based off your set prep times for the method) to the customer after they have checked out, ensure that the Display Estimated Time switch is Yes.


6. Remember after you are happy with your changes to scroll to the bottom of the page and click either Save & Exit if you are done for this method or Save & Continue if you would like to edit further on the page and just want to save your progress.

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