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Adding Allergen Symbols to Products

How to add allergen symbols to products in online ordering.

Updated over a week ago

Showcasing allergen information to your customers is an important way to protect your customer and your restaurants reputation.

We have created Allergen Symbols which allows your customers to filter the menu based on the allergen food icon. Customers can view the menus 24/7 and filter out dishes according to their allergies or dietary needs. E.g: Vegan and Gluten-Free.


By adding these symbols to your products, you can also benefit from gaining the customers trust and increase customer sales and loyalty.

You can add these allergen symbols at the bottom of each product page:

Simply select the symbol from the left column and move it into the active column on the right.

Remember to click SAVE!


View our demo site to see the Allergen symbols in action:

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