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Adding Prep-Times for Different Categories

How to make different prep-times for different categories for online ordering.

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In the admin console you are able to set different preparation times (prep times) for each category in order to allow illustrate to customers that products under different categories will take more or less time to become ready for collection.

Prep times will change based on the exceptions configured.

For example, let’s say…

Dine In has a prep time of 20 mins

Food has a prep time of 25 mins

Drinks have a prep time of 15 mins

When your customers add a Food item, the time will change to 25 mins.

If they then add a Drink the time will stay at 25 mins.

If they were to then remove the Food item the time will change to 15 mins.

It will apply the minimum prep time if ALL items are from that same prep category and is lower than the method prep time

It will apply the maximum prep time if ONE item is from a category with a prep time greater than the method prep time.

To set up prep times for different categories:

1. Start by opening up your OU dashboard.


2. Then under the Menu section in the side bar there should be an option under Menu > Menu Overrides called Category Prep Times.


3. You can assign a different time per method for these prep times.


4. Once the category prep time is created, you can assign menu categories to these prep times groups. This is not a 1 to 1 configuration but 1 to many, e.g. 1 prep group can have many menu categories assigned to it.


5. On the front end you will now see a message showing in the category description indicating the prep time of that category.


Once a product from the category is added the prep time will change


7. You can also make active a message to show customers when the prep time changes to keep them in the loop of that change!

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