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Foodollars are now Brandollars!
Foodollars are now Brandollars!

What are Brandollars?

Updated over a week ago

The Liven Team is constantly working on ways to upgrade your Liven experience. Remember your beloved Foodollars? This incredible way to lock in up to 100% bonuses ahead of time is now called Brandollars!

What's changed?

Don't worry! You can continue to use your existing Foodollar packages at all your favourite venues. Any previously bought Foodollars will not be affected. We simply changed the name from Foodollars to Brandollars.

Grab Brandollars at your favourite Liven venues today, and score up to 100% bonus instantly. πŸ’°

Need Support?

If you need further assistance (or clarifications on Brandollars!), please chat with us in-app, on the website, or email

Our friendly Diner Support Team will be more than happy to help. πŸ˜‰

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