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How do I pay with a different Brandollar pack?
How do I pay with a different Brandollar pack?

What you need to know when you have multiple Brandollar packages redeemable at the same restaurant.

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You can hold one or more Brandollar packages for use with a venue. These Brandollar packages will show in your Wallet.

You can choose which one to use when paying your bill, but you cannot combine multiple Brandollars for the redemption on a single transaction.

1. Find the venue and tap on the Pay and earn button.

2. Tap on the payment method shown.

Choose which Foodollars to pay with by tapping on the payment method shown

3. If you hold more than one pack that is redeemable at this venue, you will see a summary of these available packs. Tap on the available packs to choose which one to redeem.

4. Once you have chosen the right pack, return to the merchant page and tap on the Spend your $N credit button.

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