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Importance of linking your credit card to the app
Importance of linking your credit card to the app
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We know that this can be confusing to many when you are using your Brandollars in paying different restaurants and they show you different pay buttons.

You will see all your Brandollars in your wallet section.

When you are ready to pay, you normally tap the Brandollars for the restaurant, and you will normally see the "Spend your $$ credit" button if there is no issue with the payment method linked to your account. See below.

If you only have the Apple Pay button by default, you may want to add a different card straight linked to the app to avoid issues.

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To add a card, go to Wallet > Tap Add a card then add your card and the issue must be resolved.

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After adding a card directly, you will be able to see the button for spending your Brandollars.

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