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Location error message when paying Liven
Location error message when paying Liven
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You need to be at the restaurant/store's location in order to pay using your Brandollars.

Ensure that you are at a close distance from the staff's Liven device so you can avoid getting the location error or your payment request not being detected.

Also, be sure that you are choosing the right location in your app. You could have chosen the wrong location and it is so easy to have this mistake.

Your device and the merchant's device must handshake with each other to be able to recognise codes. So if you have the correct branch or location, there must be no reason that their device wouldn't see your payment request.

Are you an iOS user?

Make sure the correct location is detected, and that you have enabled the location services for the Liven app so it will be able to find you:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Then go to "Privacy."

  3. Be sure to select "Location Services" at the top.

  4. Toggle to enable them if that is not on.

  5. The last thing is to double-check the listed apps below. Verify you've set permission "While Using."

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