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The restaurant didn't get my payment request
The restaurant didn't get my payment request

Troubleshooting bill requests

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Don't worry if the staff isn't seeing your payment requests!

First, make sure you're sending the bill to the correct branch. For example, this merchant has several branches. Tap which branch you are currently at.

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Once you've indicated you're ready to pay, you'll see a payment code like this:

Are you an iOS user? You may need to make sure that your location is detected. Check if you have enabled location services for Liven:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Then you must go to Privacy.

  3. Select Location Services at the top.

  4. Toggle to enable if that is not on.

  5. Now double-check for Liven in the listed apps below. Verify you've set permission to While Using.

Doing this ensures that Liven should use your current location. Just choose the location where you're currently paying for your meal.

Need Support?

If you still need further assistance, please chat with us in-app, on the website, or email

Our friendly Diner Support Team will be more than happy to help! πŸ˜‰

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