Integrating with Abacus

How to integrate with Abacus for online ordering.

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This allows you to set up your menu, reconcile your payments, and view orders inside your Abacus POS.

You will need:

  • An Abacus login (we suggest that the Product Variant and Online Product features be used for this integration)

  • An active OrderUp account

Activating Abacus from OrderUp

  1. Log into your OrderUp admin console.

  2. Go to Integrations > Point of Sale.

  3. Select the Edit icon next to Abacus.

  4. Select the correct location in the top left corner.

  5. Make sure Integration Active is set to YES.

    1. Abacus API Key:

      1. On the top right corner of your Abacus back-end, select "Add-Ons", then scroll down the left side of the page and click "API", and finally "Generate Key"

      2. Copy and paste this number into your OrderUp admin console

    2. Location ID: Select Online Ordering > Publishing and find "Store ID" there

      1. In your Abacus back-end, first configure an online ordering menu by following the instructions here:

      2. After saving your online ordering menu, select "POS" on the top of your Abacus back-end, select the "Online Ordering" category on the left-hand side, and click "Publishing"

      3. Copy and paste the number at the end of the URL (usually 7 digits) into your OrderUp admin console

  6. OPTIONAL: The green fields allow for the use of OrderUp's Discount and Fee admin console features. The venue will have to set up a separate Abacus product for discounts (-value) and fees (+value) to be attributed to. They can input those items' PLU (referred to by Abacus as a Product Code) here.

  7. DO NOT CHANGE: The blue fields are Order Type IDs. These are pre-defined by Abacus and should always remain the same.

  8. OPTIONAL: The red fields are Payment IDs, these have to be specified based on each individual venues' Payment IDs.

  9. OPTIONAL: Once done, click Import Store Data.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a mandatory step. What this does is use the API Key entered earlier to import store data limited to the above fields, if that information is filled in on the Abacus Dashboard. It is possible to instead add the store data manually.

Verifying Store and Location Data

It is worth confirming that the data seen in OrderUp's admin console matches what is in the Abacus admin area. You can find the Abacus admin area in My Site > Site Information, and the equivalent space in OrderUp by going to Location Settings > Location Setup.

Note that Opening Hours are NOT imported and will need to be configured manually.

OrderUp Field Name

ABACUS Field Name

Location Name, Business Name

Location Name



Email Address



Street Number


Street Name









Importing a Menu for a Specific Location or Store

Once the Abacus integration is active, when you go to Menu > Menu Categories you should see the option to import a menu. If this is a single store, the button should reflect the specific store ID. If there are multiple stores, there will be a popup to select which store to import the menu from.

  1. Click the Import Location Menu button to start the menu import

  2. Confirm the selection to proceed.

  3. You will get a success message on completion.

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