Switching On or Off Cash Payments (COD)

How to switch cash payments on or off for online ordering.

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Here you will see how to switch ON or OFF cash payments as a payment method in a TWO step process.


Once logged into the back-end, select Integrations >> Payment Methods on left side console.

  1. Click on the edit tool to Activate or Deactivate this payment method.


Green is ACTIVE, remember to click onto SAVE once done.


2. Next step is to go to Location Settings >> Payment Settings.

Switch ON/OFF Pay on Pick Up/Delivery, and the methods (Pick Up, Delivery, Dine In, Room Service) which you would like cash to be the payment option for. Remember to click SAVE on the bottom of page once complete.

From the example below, cash payments have been switched ON for Pick Up and Delivery orders.


** Watch video on Payment Settings here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuEdXmBGSrQ

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