Stripe Charge-Back Payments Process

The process for Stripe chargeback payments for online ordering.

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If you have received a chargeback from OU Payments, our Accounts team will contact you with details of the disputed payment and order cart details via email.

The OU Payments chargeback process:

1. The customer disputes the charge with their bank
2. The customer's bank makes a chargeback, and has returned the charge into your customer's account
3. OU Payments will contact you and provide details of the payment being disputed and the relevant cart details.
4. The disputed amount will be reversed from your OU Payments account
5. You have the option to gather evidence to figure out whether the charge was valid within 14 days of being notified by OU Payments and send the relevant information (high-resolution PDF documents, 5MB maximum size total) to If you decide not to submit evidence, we deem that you have accepted the dispute.
6. If you have provided evidence, OU Payments will send your response to the customer's bank
7. The bank will review the submitted evidence
8. Within 60-75 days, the bank will make a ruling on the outcome of the chargeback. If you are successful, your payment will be returned. If you are unsuccessful, the bank will keep their position (having already returned the money to your customer) and OU Payments will pass on the bank's dispute fees to your account.

Settling OU Payments Chargeback

The best way to settle a chargeback is to speak to your customer. Often those making purchases online will forget about these charges. If you can assist your customer in identifying this charge and the customer agrees to this, then a chargeback is not necessary. The customer would need to contact their bank and ask them to drop the chargeback. It's still worth submitting evidence of this discussion to challenge the chargeback in this instance.

Proving to the bank that the cardholder did authorise the transaction, you'll need to supply evidence, and this must demonstrate to them that the service was provided to the cardholder.

For example: CCTV video in-store of the customer, a signature on a receipt

If there is the belief that the charge was made with a stolen credit card, you will need to accept the dispute. By default, the credit card networks assign liability for accepting fraudulent online transactions to you, the business.

How to Investigate Orders Details in your Console?

Step 1: Login to your OU console and go to ORDERS & click VIEW


Step 2: The ORDER DETAILS will provide the following information:

· General order flow

· Date & time that the order was placed

· IP Address & country that was used for

· Billing Information that the customer used

· Shipping and tracking information for the order


By using the information above, you will be able to investigate the order(s).

  1. Is the customer using multiple credit cards or the same? If you have more than one chargeback, you may be able to find a link if they are using the same card or multiple.

  2. Are the IP addresses the identical or different? You can search IP addresses online and see where the order is coming from.

  3. Is the same name appearing on the order(s)? Is this customer constantly making the same disputes?

  4. Is the same customer ordering at unusual times and more often than usual? For example, is a customer ordering multiple times in a day and frequently? This is a sign of unusual behaviour.

**For Stripe's Service Level Agreement CLICK HERE

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