Creating Sub-Categories

How to create sub categories for your online ordering menu.

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OrderUp now allows changes to be able to show a Category > Sub Category relationship and flow.

E.g: Beverages = Category

Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks = Sub Category

Sub categories will only allow 1 Top level category with multiple sub categories, you can NOT add sub categories of other categories.

WHY? Minimises scrolling time and length of menu.

Customer Facing Changes

  1. On Desktop when sub cats are assigned the UI will update as below



2. On mobile when sub cats are assigned the UI will update as below



How it Works

  1. The current console UI for categories/sub categories remains unchanged


a. Set any categories you want to be available as a subcategory


b. In the parent category from the Sub Categories tab, you can assign any/all categories that are flagged as a sub category to belong to this parent category.

Feel free to reach out to us at to make these changes for you.

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