Turning on Smarter Upsells

How to turn on Smarter Upsells for online ordering.

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The upsell feature assists greatly to encourage customers to add items they may have forgotten or not thought of, suggesting them to place more items in their cart before checkout. It serves great as a way for increasing customer spending, completing the customer dining journey, increasing slow moving items or items with good margins. Smarter upsells have now been implemented into the OU system, in which items which are already in the customer’s cart will not be recommended to them again.


In order to set this feature live in the console:

1. Navigate from your Dashboard and move your attention to the Specials section in the left hand column, where underneath once expanded will display a Promotions Once in the page, switch the Activate Upsells button to Yes.


2. Now, go to the product you wish to appear in your upsells by navigating through the dashboard to Menu >> Menu Categories >> Products then turn on the Available for Upsell You will need to do this for each product you wish to upsell.




3. Remember to click Save & Continue or Save & Exit on the bottom of the page before continuing.


Example of upsells page before customer checkout and pay page. Products will display best if they product images as seen below.



1. Choose items that make sense in the dining journey. If the customer is ordering a main, focus on adding items like drinks, sides and desserts.

2. Choose items that have a great margins, items that are slow moving that you want to pick up their sales or items that have stock that may be going off and you want to push.

3. Change your upsells every 2 weeks minimum. If customers see the same items over and over, the adoption rate drops significantly. Remember to keep the upsells fresh and up to date.

4. You can unlimited several upsells but around 8 items is the magic number. If you have too little items, you are not giving your customer enough choices. If you have too many items, many of them will be overshadowed and miss on on being purchased.

5. Other than alcohol, do not add upsell that are highly expensive. These items are meant to be complimentary so try and stick to the rule that the upsells are 40-50% of the cost of a main item.

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