Adding/Updating Delivery Suburbs

How to add or update delivery suburbs for online ordering.

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You can add or update delivery suburbs or make changes through delivery zones.

  1. Log in to your dashboard and select ‘'Location Settings’' then select ‘'Delivery Settings’'

  2. Select the location you would like to edit.


Please note, if the delivery setting is not active changes cannot be made. Please make sure that ‘yes’' is selected.


  • When the delivery setting is active you will see this screen.

3. Select ‘'Delivery Suburbs’'


4. Click on ‘'Create New Suburb’' a new field will require to enter the suburb name or postcode.
5. Select the suburb from the drop down window.

6. When the suburb is added to the suburb list delivery charge and minimum order value can be configured by clicking on the little arrows in the correct column.

7. Suburbs can be permanently deleted by clicking on the little red bin.


8. Save your changes.

By clicking on ‘'Save & Exit’' will save your changes and bring you back to the Dashboard.

By clicking on ‘'Save & Continue’' will save your changes and keep you on this page allowing you to add more changes.


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