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Everything you need to know about Brandollars!

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What are Brandollars?

Brandollars are a way for you to lock in incredible amount of bonus food credit ahead of time.

Basically, buy now, eat more later. Unless specified otherwise by the restaurant, there is no expiry - so even if you take yeaaars to spend your Brandollars, your Brandollars are protected. πŸ˜‰

Grab Brandollars at your favourite Liven venues today, and score up to 100% bonus instantly. πŸ’°

How do I use my Brandollars?

Using your Brandollars is very similar to the way you've always used Liven. Once you've purchased your Brandollars, simply visit the nominated venue (if they are open for takeaway or dine-in) and ask to pay the bill with Liven. Your meal will be deducted from your credit balance, with any residual available to spend next time.
Brandollars can be either bundles or packs. Bundles can be spent across multiple participating restaurants, whereas Packs can only be spent at the venue where you purchase them.

To check which locations you may use your Brandollars, go to Brandollars β€Ί Choose the specific Brandollar β€Ί *Participating Locations Only.

You can choose which one to use when paying your bill, but you cannot combine multiple Brandollars for the redemption on a single transaction.

What's the difference between Brandollars and Liven Passes?

Participating locations or restaurants of Brandollars are definite once purchased. Meanwhile, merchants for Liven passes may be subject to change. On the bright side, you have a wide range of options on where you may use them! If a merchant gets removed, new merchants get added to the list too. It's like a subscription to the top restos available in town. πŸ˜‰

Liven Passes have no expiry – allowing you flexibility on when you can use it.

Before heading to the merchant, we highly suggest that you take a look at the locations where your pass is valid.

What happens if I have purchased Brandollars for a restaurant that is longer on Liven?

If this is the case, the Liven Guarantee ensures that you will be able to have your unused credits, exclusive of the bonus amount converted to Liven Passes or account credits (at our discretion) to be used as food currency at other similar venues.

Should you need assistance with your Brandollars, please send a chat in-app or email with your account details and reason for reversal and we will organise one for you.

When do my Brandollars expire?

Unless specified otherwise by the restaurant, your Brandollars do not expire. Any such expiry periods are listed before purchase.

Can I earn additional rewards when I redeem my Brandollars?

No, with Brandollars, you lock in an incredible bonus upfront, ready for you to spend later!

Restaurants often offer a serious bonus on their Brandollars on the Liven app (we're talking 100% bonus, aka double the value in some cases). By purchasing Brandollars, you are locking in and receiving your rewards instantly, not after your meal.

Unfortunately, this means John in finance won't allow us to let you double dip with frenzy rewards after your meal as well (boo!). Don't worry, on average Brandollars Bonus is significantly higher than post-meal frenzy rewards so you'll always come out on top.

Can I get more than one Brandollars at the same restaurant?

Yes! You can hold one or more Brandollar packages or bundles for use with a venue that can be located in your wallet. You can have both a Bundle and a Pack that is applicable at the same restaurant in your Liven wallet, however, they cannot be merged or combined to use in a single transaction.

In case the remaining balance in your Brandollars is not enough to cover the bill, the difference will automatically charge to your Liven Rewards (if toggled ON), then your fallback payment method.

Can I purchase Brandollars as a gift to friends and family?

You absolutely can! Just toggle the "Purchase as a gift" option before you make a Brandollar purchase. You will receive a gift email and link to send on to your recipient. This contains a gift code and instructions to activate the Brandollars in their wallet.

Hint: savvy buyers are using this as an opportunity to lock in incredible bonuses while they get their gift shopping done.

What about Public Holidays, Weekends and other payment surcharges or taxes?

These are set by individual restaurants and apply to Brandollars as they do any other payment type.

Need Support?

If you need further assistance, please chat with us in-app, on the website, or email

Our friendly Diner Support Team will be more than happy to help.

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