The care package redemptions section provides details the redemption of care packages this statement period. This will not provide any information about the purchase of care packages this statement period. Merchants will be interested in which care packages were redeemed, the total valued redeemed and care package proceeds.

Care Package Tiers

The care packages listed represent each tier of care package that had a redemption during the statement period. These care packages listed only represent those that had at least a partial redemption during the statement period and may not represent all of the care packages that were available during the statement period.

Redeemed Value

This is the total amount of value redeemed for the relevant care package tier. This amount of redeemed value can be a partial or full amount of the care package value. It consists of the combined amount of care package paid and bonus value redeemed.

Bonus Value

This is the amount of bonus value consumed upon the redemption of the care package.


This is the amount to be transferred to the restaurant upon the redemption of the care package. The value is a proportion of the amount paid for the care package less any previously transferred amounts.

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