Loyalty Incentive Schemes are Fragmented, Difficult and Expensive

Loyalty incentives can be an extremely powerful tool for creating and retaining repeat customers - but traditional systems just don't work.

Loyalty incentives are fragmented

Picture someone who likes to dine out at different places, and want to be rewarded for their loyalty. They would need to carry around different cards and stamps for each place, slowly racking up enough to be rewarded for their loyalty.

How many cards can you fit in your wallet?

Even if people don't lose their loyalty cards, this doesn't really work for people, especially if one travels a lot or doesn't want to carry multiple stamps and cards.

Loyalty incentives aren't easy for business either

Training new staff, tracking redemptions and measuring success of loyalty campaigns is difficult and can be expensive and time consuming.

Loyalty incentives need to be smarter

Traditional stamped and printed cards need an upgrade, a digital upgrade which makes sense for people, and is easy to manage for business.

Liven's Solution: Universal Loyalty Rewards Combined into One Seamless Experience

Every payment made with Liven rewards people with LVN, which can be tipped or donated, or saved for future purchases or sent to friends.

LVN is a loyalty incentive that customers have full control over, and they're thankful for it - if the customer is feeling generous or grateful, they might donate or tip it, if they've got a friend they owe, they might send it, or if they want to save it for something special, they might save it and spend it later.

Businesses don't need to worry about managing loyalty rewards with Liven. Liven's integrated loyalty incentives are built into the payment process itself.

Read more about LVN here

How do businesses use LVN as a loyalty incentive?

Businesses just need to join Liven's Merchant Network to accept Liven payments and use LVN as a loyalty incentive.

If you own or manage a business and want to use LVN as a loyalty incentive, go here and follow the steps to join Liven's Merchant Network.

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