Liven Puts Bums on Seats

Liven is designed to meaningfully reward people for getting out there and discovering the unique experiences venues have to offer. 

It does this by helping people discover venues they like, and rewarding them with the LVN Digital Currency every time they transact. This reward can be donated, tipped or saved to send to friends or spent on future purchases.

People want rich experiences

These days there is a common misconception that younger generations may not value real-world experiences as much - this is false!

Younger generations would rather spend on experiences - this includes dining and other venue experiences.

Venues deserve people

Whether it's in the service, layout, design, food, drink or otherwise, there are amazing venues with unique experiences to offer. 

It's a shame to see these venues deliver their goods or service, leaving behind the venue which they are built on.

Liven brings people to venues

Liven is designed to bring people out to venues by helping them discover places and experiences they like.

It does this through intuitive display and search in the Liven App

Liven keeps customers coming back

The Liven payment experience is both fun, rewarding and meaningful.

LVN is awarded to users every time they transact, and this reward can be used to tip or donate, or be saved for future spends.

This is a reward like no other and Liven users are grateful to be paying with Liven and be earning, donating and spending LVN in the process..

Delivery? No

Liven is not a delivery service, we bring people out to venues, simple.

Liven is not a delivery app or any such service, it is a payment and rewards platform helping people find venues they want to go, and rewarding them for experiencing these venues.

Businesses on Liven are intuitively exposed to thousands of people in their city and across the globe - this helps businesses to be found in this digital age, and helps people to find venues they like amid all the digital noise

How do I fill my seats using Liven?

If you own or manage a venue and want to utilise Liven to bring people to its unique experience, please go here and follow the steps to join Liven's Merchant Network.

Need Support?

Chat to us below or in-app, or email - we're here to help!

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