At Liven, we bring people out to venues to experience what they have to offer, and reward people for doing so.

The payment experience should be as seamless as possible, leaving the business' staff to do what they do best, and leaving the customer to experience.

Mobile payments make sense to people

Mobile payments are quickly becoming the payment method of choice for consumers.

They are easy, quick and convenient - and the same should be said for businesses looking to accept mobile payments.

Mobile payments made easy with Liven

Liven is a mobile payment platform with loyalty incentives built in. Accepting mobile payments with Liven is made extremely easy.

Liven integrates directly into your Point of Sale technology, or will issue you a custom Liven device.

Customers use one tap to pay with Liven, and venues simply accept the payment either in the Point of Sale system or on the Liven device.

How do I accept mobile payments with Liven?

To accept mobile payments with Liven, you just have to join Liven's merchant network. 

Go here and follow the steps to join Liven!

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