Liven is a mobile payment and rewards network accessed and used through the Liven Mobile App.

With every transaction with Liven, LVN is rewarded to you which you have full control over. 

You may elect to donate or tip LVN upon receiving it, or let it store in your LVN Wallet for future use.

Each LVN Wallet is registered with a unique @username handle which is used to identify yourself with others in the network so they can send and request LVN from you.

With the LVN Wallet you can:

  1. Manage your payment methods (debit/credit cards)
  2. View your LVN balance
  3. Send LVN to others
  4. Add Promo Codes
  5. View your transaction history

Setting up your LVN Wallet

To set up your LVN Wallet:

  1. Download the Liven App
  2. Follow the prompts to sign in or register
  3. Navigate to the LVN Wallet from the bottom navigation bar
  4. Follow the prompts to create your Liven @username handle (please note you require a valid payment method registered and phone number verified
  5. You're done! Now you can send and receive LVN from your LVN Wallet.

Read more about Setting up Liven here.

Managing your payment methods

Simply tap "PAYMENT METHOD" to:

  1. Select your default credit/debit card
  2. Add new credit/debit cards

Please note this can also be done from any Liven Merchant page before paying.

View your LVN balance

Simply navigate to your LVN Wallet and see your LVN balance up top.

You will also see this conversion to your local fiat currency ($AUD, $GBP etc).

Send LVN to others using their @username

LVN can be instantly sent for free to others in the network with using their unique Liven @username handle. 

This is done from the Liven (LVN) Wallet:

  1. Navigate to your in-app Liven (LVN) Wallet
  2. Tap 'Send'
  3. Input their username and the amount to send
  4. Tap 'Send'
  5. Done!

Larger requests may require manual approval which may take a few minutes.

Add Promo Codes

If you're lucky enough to find a promo code, simply tap the '+' icon under "Promo Code" and enter it up top.

Be sure to check the terms & conditions of the promo code to make sure you know where and when it can be used!

Read more about Promo Codes here.

View your Transaction History

If you would like to check your transaction history simply tap 'Transaction History'. 

You may check your transaction history to:

  1. See who you are sending LVN to or receiving LVN from
  2. Check bill summaries - including amount charged, LVN earned, LVN spent, donated or tipped, or Promo Code spent.

The LVN Wallet will continue to evolve and many more features will be introduced, stay tuned for our product updates and if you have any questions, just ask!

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