LVN - Liven's Network Currency and Digital Fuel

Every time you pay using Liven at one of Liven's Merchant Partners, you earn a % of the bill as LVN. This can be anywhere from 10% to 25%, or even up to 50% during special promotions or events.

LVN is Liven's Network Currency, which you have full control over. Whether you want to save it to pay for a meal in future or donate it, it's up to you.

As Liven's Network expands to go global, so will LVN's utility, simply meaning that as the network gets bigger, LVN becomes more useful.

LVN is the fuel that drives the Liven network:

  1. LVN is rewarded to users every time they pay with Liven (regardless of whether you pay by card, with LVN, or both),
  2. LVN is accepted by all Liven Merchants as a valid payment method,
  3. LVN is accepted by Liven Charity & Non-profit partners as a donation instrument and,
  4. LVN can be sent between users through their unique Liven @username handle

This means that by using Liven and earning LVN, you are earning digital money to be used by you to purchase goods, donate to charity or send between friends and others within the Liven Network - the choice is yours.

1. LVN is rewarded as a % of the bill with every Liven transaction

Every time one pays with Liven, they earn the a percentage of the bill as LVN.

For example, if you're at 8Bit burger, you will earn 20% of whatever you spend as LVN.

This reward % does change between merchants and may temporarily increase depending on promotions or events which may run.

Read more about Using Liven and Earning LVN here.

2. LVN is a valid payment method at any Liven Merchant

All Liven Merchants accept LVN as a valid payment method.

This means LVN can be used as a payment method instead of debiting your card first.

Just so you know, the merchant you pay at can elect to receive their Liven revenue as normal fiat currency ($AUD) or as LVN, it's up to them!

3. LVN is a valid donation instrument accepted by all Liven Charity and Non-profit Partners

Immediately upon earning LVN, you can use part or all of your reward as donation to charity or tip to the venue.

Any remainder will be stored in your Liven (LVN) Wallet for future use.

Read more about Using LVN here.

4. LVN can be stored indefinitely for future use, or sent to others in the network.

Liven's in-app LVN Wallet is where you can view and manage your stored LVN.

Each LVN Wallet has a unique @username attached to it, which is used as identification in the Liven network.

With Liven @username handles, users can send LVN between each other for free.

Read more about Liven's in-app LVN Wallet here.

What happened to Liven Cash?

If you've been with us for a while, you'll remember Liven Cash - LVN is the next evolution Liven Cash and serves the same purpose of being Liven's Digital Network Currency to be spent and used within the Liven Network of merchants and non-profit organisations.

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