Liven for Merchants, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Lifestyle Venues

Liven is a mobile payment & rewards wallet purpose-built for everyday lifestyle spending.

Liven connects hundreds of thousands of users on Liven to top restaurants, bars, cafes and other lifestyle venues in their city. Liven helps users discover these venues and incentivises them to get out and experience what they have to offer. 

This is done through intuitive venue discovery, one-tap mobile payments and an integrated loyalty reward in the LVN Digital Currency.

Put simply, businesses which accept Liven payments are exposed to people who suit and keeps them coming back.

Businesses Leverage Liven's digital and physical toolkits to:

  1. Put bums on seats - Liven is not a delivery service, we bring people to venues
  2. Accept one-tap mobile payments - Liven payments are fun & rewarding for users and easy for merchants
  3. Incentivise new and repeat customers - Liven's inbuilt loyalty incentive LVN retains existing customers, and generates new
  4. Create unique experiences - leverage Liven's technology, brand and user-base to bring dream venue experiences to life
  5. Market themselves within a growing network effect of top national and international brands and charities

You can read more about What Liven Is here; in summary Liven is a digital platform and real-world network for users to discover, pay and earn at top venues in their city, and earn a meaningful loyalty reward in the LVN Digital Currency.

Putting bums on seats

Liven is not a delivery app or any such service, it is a payment and rewards platform helping people find venues they want to go, and rewarding them for experiencing these venues.

Businesses on Liven are intuitively exposed to thousands of people in their city and across the globe - this helps businesses to be found in this digital age, and helps people to find venues they like amid all the digital noise.

Liven's Digital Toolkit

Behind-the-scenes of Liven is artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis and a range of other bleeding edge technology working to provide users with venue recommendations which make sense to them - ultimately enhancing Liven's ability to connect people and businesses together in the real world - and put more bums on seats.

One-tap Mobile Payments

Making Liven payments is fun and rewarding for users, and accepting Liven payments is easy for merchants.

Payments are made with the users preferred payment method, whether that be a credit/debit card, or their LVN balance. No matter how they pay, businesses accept payments all the same - either integrated directly into their Point of Sale System, or via a custom Liven device.

Integrated Loyalty Incentives

Each success Liven payment is rewarded with LVN, which is Liven's network currency the user has full control over.

LVN acts as a loyalty incentive for the business to keep these customers coming back. People love receiving LVN as they can donate it, tip it to the venue, spend it at any business in Liven's network, or save it to be sent to friends or future use.

Worry not about coffee cards or attempting to use a 3rd party service for loyalty, LVN is Liven's loyalty incentive reward and is seamlessly built into the payment process itself.

Create Unique Experiences with Localised Promotions, Events and Partnerships

Liven understands that success comes from serving its users, merchant partners and charity partners and is open to a suite of partnerships and events that you may or may not have thought of before.

Unique / secret menu items

In the past, Liven has run events & promotions with the likes of 8Bit burger and Gelato Messina to create exclusive burgers, ice-cream and other goods for Liven users.

These kinds of partnerships can be a powerful tool to try out new things with your business or venue using Liven's engaged user-base - and we'll work with you pre-emptively to plan and create the experiences and insights you are after.

Essentially, we want to work with you to create unique experiences.

Liven's Growing Network Effect

Liven's Network of top national and international brands

When you open the Liven app, you are met with an intuitive interface helping you to find venues nearby to you which suit you.

When you pay with Liven it is easy, and you earn LVN for doing so.

This LVN can be used to purchase more goods down the line, be tipped to the venue, donated to charity or sent to friends.

Our users love both the experience our merchant partners have to offer, and the seamless payment & rewards experience built in to Liven. As Liven's Network of merchant and charity partners grows, so does the collective reputation of our partners and the platform itself - creating an ever-growing network effect of amazing brands and charities.

Read more about Liven's Vision

Liven's ambition is to become the world's payment platform of choice by being the most rewarding and meaningful payment platform around. We look to offer specific business value to our merchant partners by utilising our localised toolkits, user-base and various partners.

Ultimately, we want to work with our partners to create unique real-world experiences, leveraging our digital toolkit for the customers who visit, businesses who create, and charities which receive.

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