To use Liven, we require you to acknowledge and agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and for Liven to function correctly the app requires some device permissions.

Liven does require a valid Debit / Credit Card in order for you to pay with Liven, please know your card details are stored so securely that we can't even see them!

Liven Device Permissions

Why does Liven require me to enable GPS Location?

  • GPS location is used to determine nearby merchants and that you are actually at the merchant when you submit a payment request

To read more about Liven's device permissions view the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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Liven Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Please see Liven's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for all information regarding why we require your personal details and policy's regarding your data.

Liven Credit / Debit Card Payment Security

Liven requires a valid Credit or Debit Card to pay at Liven merchants.

We appreciate your trust in us as a mobile payment app, please know that we have high-end security measures in place to maintain the integrity of your personal and payment data.

Read more about Liven's Information and Payment Security here.

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