Liven is designed to meaningfully reward you for getting out there and discovering the unique experiences venues have to offer. It does this by rewarding you with the LVN Digital Currency every time you transact and giving you full control over your LVN, whether you want to donate or tip it, or save it to send to friends or for your next purchase.

You can invite others to Liven and both of you will receive a referral reward!

Share the Liven Love

If you've Set Up your Liven Account & LVN Wallet - you will have your very own referral code.

To view and invite using your referral code:

  1. Go to your Profile (bottom right)

  2. Tap "Give LVN, Get LVN"

  3. Tap "Invite your friends" or have them enter your referral code as a promo code

If you're feeling generous, you could even send them some of your LVN to help get them started 😉

Make sure the referral code is applied as a promo code

One can verify that the referral code is applied by seeing the code in the Liven Wallet under "Promo Code".

When will they receive their referral reward?

Anyone using your referral code will get LVN towards their first purchase - this happens automatically so long as your referral code is applied to their account.

When will I receive my referral reward?

As a referrer, you will receive LVN once they have made their first transaction - it will be deposited straight into your Liven Wallet for you to do what you like with it!

For how to use LVN, go here!

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