The Liven Mobile App is available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

With Liven you can discover venues, pay for bills using your credit/debit card or LVN, and access the Liven Wallet.

Download Liven

To download Liven from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, visit here.

Device Permissions

Please note Liven does require device permissions such as push notifications and GPS - in order to use the app as it is designed it is recommended you allow these permissions. (read more in Using Liven).

Register or Login

Follow the prompts to register or Log back in to your account.

You may use Facebook, Google or regular email login.

If you're having login or registration issues, contact us below or email 

Choose your City

Select where you will be using Liven or where you would like to look.

Register your Liven Wallet

Your Liven Wallet is where your LVN is stored, and you can use it to send, receive and hold LVN tokens. It is also where you set up and manage your payment methods.

Setup your Payment Method

Liven requires a valid payment method linked to your account.

You may use any Credit or Debit Visa/MasterCard/Amex.

Please note:

  • Your Credit Card details are registered securely and we do not store your credit card numbers on our database¬†
  • There is never any extra charge to your card to pay with Liven
  • To verify your card, a $1 amount will be charged and refunded - don't panic! This is intentional and is refunded within 1 hour automatically

Registering your Liven @username handle

You will be automatically prompted to register your Liven @username handle when you enter the Liven Wallet - pick a good one!

If you (somehow) forget your Liven username just view it up top in your wallet!

Use Liven!

Now that you're all setup, use Liven to discover venues and earn LVN for dining out and experiencing what they have to offer.

To read more about using Liven, check out the next article in this series.

Need Support?

Chat to us below or in-app, or email 

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