Send your funds through Bank Transfer

You may purchase LVN with $AUD, $USD, $EUR, $GBP or any other Fiat Currency by sending funds through national or international Bank Transfer.

The expected turn around time is 1-3 weeks depending on where you send your funds from (Australia ~ 1 week, Overseas ~ 3 weeks).

Please make sure that you enter your reference code into the transaction details, this is so we may verify your transaction with your purchase request! If you fail to do this and submit funds without your reference code please email us immediately at 

Once your purchase request is approved and funds have been received, we will allocate you LVN tokens - view approved, pending and declined transactions under  "Transaction History" in the Token Sale Dashboard.

All contributions will be converted to the $USD equivalent at time of purchase.

$AUD fiat contributions from Australian accounts

You can contribute to the LVN token sale from any major bank account in Australia through a direct deposit. 

Before submitting your contribution, you will receive a reference number to add to the transaction description - please enter this correctly so that we can correctly identify your contribution as coming from you.

$USD & Other fiat contributions from international accounts

We are accepting fiat contributions from all non-restricted countries.
Please add your five-character Unique Reference Code to the transaction description so that we can identify you. 

Please be aware that fiat contributions from international accounts may take up to three weeks to be fully processed.

Receiving LVN Tokens

By contributing with fiat currency (USD/AUD), you will receive your LVN tokens into your Liven Wallet.

To receive LVN to your Liven wallet, we require your liven @username handle.
Existing Liven users will be prompted to choose their own @username when they update the Liven app to version 5.5. If you have already created an @username, but have since forgotten it, look for it in your in-app wallet. 

If you're new to Liven and haven't registered your Liven @username yet, do so by downloading the Liven app, verifying yourself and navigating to the wallet to select your @username.

Please be aware that local transactions can take up to three days to clear and international transactions can take up to three weeks. Tranche bonuses will be applied when the transaction is received.

LVN will be distributed upon completion of the Token Sale and after the Token Generation Event has occurred.

If you have any further questions on contributing the the LivenCoin (LVN) Token Sale or about the LivenPay project, please join the conversation at

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