Your contribution amount will be calculated based on the USD value of the currency you choose and the amount of that currency contributed.

The base price of LVN is 1.5cents per LVN.

The amount will be multiplied by a referral bonus if you have been referred, and any applicable Tranche bonus, which is dependent on the total contribution amount at the time of your contribution (refer to the Token Sale dashboard to see current total contribution).

Tranche bonuses

The contribution bonuses are split between tranches of USD $3.5m up until the hard cap of USD $28m for the LivenCoin Token Sale.

  • 1st Tranche: 35% bonus ( < USD $3.5m )
  • 2nd Tranche: 30% bonus ( < USD $7m )
  • 3rd Tranche: 25% bonus ( < USD $10.5m )
  • 4th Tranche: 20% bonus ( < USD $14m )
  • 5th Tranche: 15% bonus ( < USD $17.5m )
  • 6th Tranche: 10% bonus ( < USD $21m )
  • 7th Tranche: 5% bonus ( < USD $24.5m )
  • 8th Tranche: no bonus ( < USD $28m )

Referral bonuses

For anyone you refer, you will receive a 2% bonus on whatever their contribution amount is. The person you refer (or if you are referred) will also receive a 2% bonus on their contribution amount. 

These bonuses are in combination with the Tranche Bonuses.

If you have any further questions about contributing to the LivenCoin Token Sale or about the project in general, please join the conversation at

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