Liven is accepting contributions in Ether, the main unit of currency for the Ethereum blockchain, from either private Ethereum Wallets or Cryptocurrency Exchange accounts

Contributions from private Ethereum Wallets have the option to receive tokens delivered to that same wallet address, provided it is ERC-compatible. 

However, since the LivenPay project is operating with an existing mobile wallet, we are able to facilitate and, therefore, recommend the reception of LVN tokens in the Liven Mobile Wallet. Because of this unique feature of our token sale, we are able to receive contributions from exchange wallets, which would otherwise be ill-advised due to private key management difficulties and contribution identification and verification.

This article should answer all your questions around how to find your address and contribute, as well as how you will receive your LVN tokens when the Token Sale has completed.

Contributing ETH from a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Sending your ETH funds

To contribute to the LVN Token Sale from a cryptocurrency exchange with ETH follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "withdrawal" page of your exchange, 
  2. Select ETH
  3. Copy The LivenPay Ethereum Sale Address from the dashboard and paste this address into your withdrawal
  4. Submit the withdrawal

Receiving your ETH funds

When contributing from an exchange, you will receive your LVN allocation directly into your Liven wallet.

Contributing ETH from Ethereum Wallet

Creating an Ethereum Wallet

If you have not setup an Ethereum Wallet and would like to, please consider our guide for setting up a MetaMask Ethereum Wallet.

Finding your Public Ethereum Address / Sending Address

We require your ETH sending address to verify your contribution and allocate the correct amount of LVN tokens.
To find your ETH sending address, otherwise known as your public Ethereum address, please navigate to your Ethereum blockchain wallet or explorer and copy your public address. 

NOTE: This is not your SEED Phrase or your Private Key - never share your SEED Phrase or Private Key with anyone, private keys and SEED phrases are similar to your internet banking details and should be treated as such. 

Sending your ETH funds

To contribute to the LVN Token Sale from your Ethereum wallet, first navigate to the "withdrawal" or "send" section of your wallet, then send ETH to our Ethereum public address, which can be copied directly from the LVN Token Sale dashboard.

What is GAS and why am I paying it?

GAS is essentially Ethereum's transaction fee. It determines the incentive for Ethereum miners to process your transaction, meaning the lower your GAS limit, the slower your transaction will be and the higher your GAS limit, the faster your transaction will be.

Metamask's suggested GAS limits are recommended.

If you have any questions regarding contributions or anything about the project at all, join the conversation in our Telegram at

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