During the LivenCoin (LVN) Token Sale, you can get your hands on some LVN simply for registering yourself in one of our airdrops and joining our telegram group at https://t.me/livenpay.

What is an airdrop?

Traditionally, an airdrop is a package dropped from an airplane to troops in the field. Although we aren't in such extreme circumstances, a similar concept applies.

LivenCoin airdrops are simply dropping some LVN tokens into wallets for registering and joining the Telegram.

How do I participate and how much do I get?

Option 1. Jump on Telegram (get it from https://telegram.org), and message @livenpayairdropbot with "start". You should be able to follow the prompts pretty easily. Once completed, share your referral link with others if you wish, you get extra tokens for doing so.

Option 2. If you're not too late and have made the first 5,000 registrations, head over to https://www.westart.co/project/livenpay-airdrop and register a westart account to participate. Secure KYC (Know Your Client) is required for this and this is standard process.

Participating in several airdrops is not permitted and you will not be rewarded tokens for doing so.

How much LVN do I get for participating in the airdrop?

Follow the participation instructions above and find out!

When do I receive my airdrop tokens?

You will receive your LVN tokens after the Public Token Sale has finished and the Token Generation Event has occurred - we are estimating this to be Jan/Feb 2019

If you have any further questions about participating in the LivenCoin Token Sale or about the project in general, please join the conversation at https://t.me/livenpay.

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