Most Liven promo codes are for first time users but may find others used for particular venues or for certain events or partnerships, here's everything you need to know.

Important information regarding promo codes

  • If the total bill exceeds the amount the promo code is worth - the remainder will be charged to your preferred payment method (LVN or Credit/Debit Card).
  • Promo codes are single use! Promo codes will not remain even if the total bill is less than the amount the code is worth.

Applying and Using a Promo Code

To apply a promo code:

  1. Navigate to the Liven (LVN) Profile (right icon of the bottom nav bar)
  3. Enter the promo code and press 'ADD'
  4. That's it!

Check where you can use the promo code

To make sure the promo code is applied and to see where it can be spent, navigate to it from the LVN Wallet and view its Terms & Conditions.

Using your Promo Code

Promo codes are automatically used given it is applied and you are transacting at a valid merchant. You will see the promo code is active on a merchant page under  'PROMO CODE'.

Given your promo code is applied and you are at a valid merchant just tap "Pay Now".

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