Share Liven 

Refer others to Liven! 

Whether you're a restaurant owner, office worker, labourer or otherwise, you can benefit from sharing Liven to your friends and family - check out how to refer and earn bonus LVN here

Invite your favourite merchant to Liven

We are always looking to grow our merchant network with venues that our users will love - if there is somewhere you would like to see on Liven, invite them to fill out our Merchant Application Form

Leave Feedback 

We are always looking for feedback from our loyal users. 

If you would like to offer feedback or suggestions and help Liven grow, we would love to hear from you.
Review Liven on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store - and feel free to tell us what you like, dislike, and what you would like to see next. 

Talk to us on any Social Channel! 

Reach out to us where-ever suits and your feedback will be forwarded to the right people. Or just email 

Some key information we would love to hear about: 

  • What do you like about Liven? 
  • If you have found anything difficult or confusing about Liven, what is it? 
  • Who would you like to see on Liven next? What can we do to make your payment experiences more meaningful and enjoyable? 

Here's a full list of Social Channels & Community Resources - Your feedback is appreciated 😊 

Participate in the LVN Token Sale 

LVN is our Digital Network Currency launching on blockchain technology. 

LVN is previously known as Liven Cash and is the fuel which drives the Liven Network. With LVN launching on Blockchain, it becomes a truly borderless and global digital currency - meaning LVN you earn in Sydney can be used in London or elsewhere. 

We're excited to invite the general public to participate in the sale of LVN, which is taking place to fund Liven & LVN's global expansion. 

Visit to join the LVN Token Sale - you will receive bonus tokens the earlier you participate and referral bonuses for anyone you refer. 

If you're confused or would like to know more just say, "I'd like to know more about the LVN Token Sale" below and we'll answer any questions you might have, or see this Helpdesk Collection for more info.  

Need Support? 

Chat to us below or in-app, or email   

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