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Pay with and Send Liven Rewards
Pay with and Send Liven Rewards

Now you have Liven Rewards, use it to pay for meals or gift to friends!

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Liven Rewards are Liven's very own Digital Currency and are the fuel that drives the Liven network.

Users receive Liven Rewards whenever they transact with Liven at no extra cost. Even when you use Liven Rewards to pay, you earn them!Β 

Liven Rewards can be:

  1. Gifted to friends

  2. Spent as a payment method

  3. Stored indefinitely for future use

Paying with LVN

Liven Rewards are accepted at all Liven Merchant Partners as a valid payment method. This means that the Liven Rewards you earn for eating burgers in the city can be used for wine on the river.

This also means using Liven Rewards to pay instead of debiting your card.

To use Liven Rewards to pay:

  1. Open the merchant's venue page on Liven

  2. Toggle the Rewards Balance button

  3. Tap Pay Now

If the Rewards Balance is on, this means your Liven Rewards balance will be debited before your cards are charged any amount.

Storing Liven Rewards for Future Use & Sending them to Friends

The Liven Rewards Wallet stores your Liven Rewards by default, and it will sit there indefinitely where it can be sent to friends and soon, be withdrawn from Liven β€” stay tuned!

Also, remember that your Liven Rewards can be used as a payment method at any Liven Merchant.

Sending Liven Rewards to friends

Liven Rewards can be instantly sent for free to others in the network using their unique Liven @username handle.Β 

This is done from the Liven Rewards Wallet:

  1. Navigate to your in-app Liven Rewards Wallet

  2. Tap Send

  3. Input their username and the amount to send

  4. Tap Send

And you're done! Larger requests may require manual approval which may take a few minutes.

Need Support?

If you still need further assistance, please chat with us in-app, on the website, or email

Our friendly Diner Support Team will be more than happy to help. πŸ˜‰

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