A full list of Liven community links and resources, and what you can expect to find:

Liven App & Wallet - https://liven.com.au

The Liven App is where you can use Liven! Discover merchants, pay with, and earn the digital currency for food LivenCoin (LVN).

The in-app wallet will allow you to send, receive and hold LVN.

LivenPay (LVN) Token Sale - https://livenpay.io

Here you can get to know more about Liven's vision and the LivenPay project to create the global lifestyle payment platform of choice.

Whitepaper - https://livenpay.io

The Liven Whitepaper is the most comprehensive resource for all things Liven.
From Liven's vision, to competitors, LVN Token Economics, technical and business roadmap, to a full-list of team members and more.

There's a lot in there, and if you're looking to understand the project have a look!

Liven Blog - https://blog.liven.com.au

Here's all the fun food & lifestyle stuff!

LivenPay Blog - https://blog.livenpay.io

Here's where we post all major product updates.

Telegram - https://t.me/livenpay

The Liven Telegram group is where you can interact with Liven's team directly. 

This is a massive group chat with thousands of members across the globe. You'll see our community, marketing, design and science teams as well as the founders answering the community's questions.

If you've got any questions about the project, join and ask away!

Medium - https://medium.com/livenpay

Liven's Medium blog is where you can find stories about Liven's past, present and future.

We post our project updates and various rich content here.

Github - https://github.com/livenpay

If you're a developer, you'll know what Github is.

For others, Github is where we publish code for our LVN Ethereum smart-contracts, Press Kit, Documentation and more.

Reddit - https://reddit.com/r/LivenPay

Our Reddit will be used for future AMAs and announcements.

Facebook - https://facebook.com/LivenPay

Look out for food & lifestyle content and competitions on our Facebook!

Instagram - https://instagram.com/livenpay

Food, Lifestyle and office shenanigans await, go follow our Instagram @livenpay.

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/livenaustralia 

Careers - https://angel.co/liven

Interesting in working with Liven? Have a browse through our open positions.

If you have any questions and don't want to discuss them on our Telegram, feel free to email info@liven.com.au

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